Guiro Grass EP

The self titled EP is the first release for Guiro Grass consisting of four tracks.  
  1. White Lightning (Radio)
  2. Sally Goodin
  3. Hey Porter to San Diego
  4. White Lightning (Explicit)

Guiro ~ "Soul Man" Junior Fos
Guitar and Vocal ~ Travis Oliver
Upright Bass ~ Bob Magnusson

Recorded at Signature Sound studio in early 2016.  Mixed by Peter Duff and Travis Oliver.  Mastered by Peter Duff at Greybrick Recording Studio.  All in San Diego, Ca

This EP is a representation of the musical relationship between “Soul Man” Junior Fos and Travis Oliver.  These recordings are a portion of the core material this duo has been playing over a 3 year period.  It is a marriage between two different cultural forms of music that share a common bond in the acoustic arena;  bluegrass flatpicking  guitar and the latin percussion instrument guiro (pr: weed-oh).  Over this time Soul Man has utilized his unique skills of rhythm adaptation with coaching from Travis to create several melodious patterns to compliment the musical arrangements presented.  Several of these developed patterns are presented here for your enjoyment.  The Upright Bass has been added to give the music a deeper groove and sonic range.

This EP is dedicated to Junior Fos.  Junior is a WWII and Korean War Veteran who served in the 101st Airborne, 187th Rakkasans jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.  In turn, Junior dedicates this recording to all of his brothers with whom he fought alongside and all men and women who serve in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.