Here is a piece that Geoff Stevens from ABC News San Diego did on our music.  It tells our story well. Full story here:
Guiro Grass is the result of a collaboration between two artists with completely different musical backgrounds.  Travis Oliver, a flatpicking guitarist and singer with deep roots in Appalachian music and Junior Fos a.k.a. The Soul Man, a Master Guiro player with a primary focus in Latin, Funk and Reggae. 

The group was formed over several stage sessions at Winston's Open Mic in Ocean Beach (OB), a unique little beach town in San Diego, Ca. Junior, a native to San Diego and a legend in the local music scene, really liked the pulse of the Bluegrass and Folk music Travis was playing and desired to find a way to add his Guiro patterns.  After careful consideration and understaning about Soul Man's backgroud, he agreed to work with him on it.  After many hours and years of practice and refinement, Guiro Grass was formed bringing a unique sound and rhythmic pattern to traditional music.